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Adjustable Speed Drives for Compressor Motors

Adjustable speed drives (ASDs) offer an efficient and effective demand response strategy, as compared to other approaches. Further information on ASDs is provided here

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Adjustable Speed Drives for Compressor MotorsCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Compressed Air Systems in Glass Industry
Energy Savings Potential

Implementing adjustable speed drives in rotary compressor systems can save 15% of the annual energy consumption

A Glasuld glass wool insulation manufacturing plant in Denmark, realized electricity savings of 200 MWh/y (a 29% reduction) by installing an ASD on its main compressor (Worrell et al., 2008. p.37).

A container glass manufacturer in the UK was able to save 31 200 kWh/year by implementing ASD in one of four compressors in the plant. Total savings that could be achieved by implementing ASDs in all compressors were estimated to be 83 100 kWh/year (Worrell et al., 2008. p.35).

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

The payback period of installing an ASD in a Danish glass wool insulation plant was 3 years(Worrell et al., 2008. p.37).

For the plant in the UK, the installation of ASD saved US $2 820 and resulted in a payback time of around 3.5 years (Worrell et al., 2008. p.35).

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