The All India Glass Manufacturer´s Association (AIGMF)

The All India Glass Manufacturers´ Federation is made up of five Regional Associations. Western India Glass Manufacturers´ Association Mumbai, Eastern India Glass Manufacturers´ Association Kolkata, U.P. Glass Manufacturers´ Syndicate Firozabad, Northern India Glass Manufacturers´ Association New Delhi and South India Glass Manufacturers´ Association Chennai. The main aim of the Federation is to encourage, promote and develop the manufacture of glass articles of all kinds and safeguards and protects the interests of the glass industry and glassware business in India. During 2009, AIGMF launched an initiative in more than 2000 schools and colleges to create awareness about the benefits of glass as an eco-friendly option [Financial Chronicle, 2009]. Other activities from the AIGMF are stated in the “KANCH”, the quarterly journal of the All India Glass manufacturer´s federation, such as the AIGMF Glass Recycling Seminar which took part in June, 2011. Importance of cullet in glass manufacturing was emphasized due to the improvement of fuel savings. 

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