Bucket Elevators for Kiln Feed

The pneumatic transport system from raw mill to homogenization silos and to the kiln-feed can be replaced with mechanical transport system resulting in electricity saving.

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Bucket Elevators for Kiln FeedCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Clinker Making
Energy Savings Potential

Following savings in electricity consumption are reported in literature: 

  • 2.26 kWh/t-clinker (UNFCC)
  • 2.5 kWh/t-portland cement (US-EPA)

Indian Flag In India savings in the range of 1.0-1.3 kWh/t of clinker are reported. 

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Following cost informatin is provided in the literature: 

  • US $0.23 per annual ton clinker capacity (UNFCC)
  • US $3.43 per annual ton portland cement capacity (US-EPA)

Indian flag In India Installation costs of this technology is reported to be US $4000-5000 per meter. 

US-EPA reports a US $0.17/ton-portland cement reduction in operating costs. 

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