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Carbon Capture and Storage

Use of carbon capture and storage technology is a necessary precondition to the continued use of fossil fuel based reducing agents in steel production. The process is based on capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from large point sources and storing it in such a way that it does not enter the atmosphere. It can also be used to describe the scrubbing of CO2 from ambient air as a geoengineering technique.  This emerging technology could be based on various capture and storage options, some of which only need to be adapted to the steelmaking context, while others still need basic research.

Carbon Capture and StorageTechnologies & Measures

Technology or MeasureEnergy Savings PotentialCO2 Emission Reduction Potential Based on LiteratureCostsDevelopment Status
Carbon Capture and Storage

This process consumes significant amount of energy.

Overall emissions reduction potential by using CCS in Iron and Steel Industry ranges between 0.5 Gt to 1.5 Gt of CO2/yr.

CCS for BF could cost around $40/t CO2-$50/t CO2. CCS for DRI could cost below $25/t CO2.