China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association (CAIGA)

China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association (CAIGA) is the former Flat Glass Sub-association of China Building Materials Industry Association, and was founded by the State Administration for Building Materials Industry in December 1986, and approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in May 1992. CAIGA is a non-profit national organization consisting of all kinds of production, distribution, application and related supplementary enterprises of flat glass, fabricated glass and glass-working machinery, as well as relevant colleges, scientific research and design institutes. The mission of CAIGA is to provide services for the glass industry and promote the development of the industry, protect the legitimate rights and benefits of its members and assist government to safeguard the fairly competitive market environment and manage the glass industry, playing a role as a bridge between government and enterprises. Activities of CAIGA include:

  • Monitoring the industry, collecting and processing basic information; acting as intermediary, to publicize and implement the government’s general and specific policies, laws and regulations about the development of the glass industry, and transfer the aspiration and requests of the members to related government departments; organizing experts to provide diversified services, such as technological evaluation, appraisal, and consultation for the member enterprises and the commission units on the development of new products and new technologies, expansion projects and technological innovation, product quality, operation management, etc; developing ties with foreign economic groups, organizing non-governmental international exchange and co-operation;
  • Organizing a wide series of activities for its members, such as experience exchange, personnel training, market development, information service, price self-discipline, technical consultation and international exchange and co-operation, etc. The advantage of the organization is its close ties with both glass and glass-working machinery industries, as well as government departments (Italian Trade Coucil, 2011).

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