China Building Materials Academy (CBMA)

Founded in the early 1950’s China Building Materials Academy (CBMA), is the largest comprehensive research institute and technology development center in China in the fields of building materials and advanced inorganic nonmetallic materials. Since 1999, CBMA has become the only key research and development institute directly under the central government for building materials industry. Currently, CBMA staff consists of about 1500 employees, including about 1000 professionals.

CBMA currently has 350 senior scientists and engineers, including an academician of China Engineering Academy and 74 leading experts. This academy is among the first group of institutions that are authorized by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council to award Master’s degree and Doctorate. Affiliated to CBMA are 11 state-level testing and quality supervision centers, including The China National Testing Center of Building Materials and the China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Cement. They are responsible for quality supervision of cement, house building materials, safety glass, quartz glass, refractory, environment pollution etc. CBMA is also a national organization responsible for standardization issues in cement, quartz glass and safety glass industries (Italian Trade Council, 2011).

Activities Specific to Cement Industry

CBMA is one of the leading research institutes in China working on the cement materials, techniques & equipment. CBMA conducts fundamental researches on cement and cement production, research on manufacturing technology of special cements and new techniques and equipment in cement manufacturing, and in production techniques of cement using low grade raw materials, alternative fuels and industrial wastes. In addition to the cement related research, CBMA also conducts high level research on the following areas (CBMA 2011):

  • Concrete & New Building Materials
  • Glass Materials & Specialty Glass
  • Glass Fiber & Fiber Composites
  • Refractory Materials
  • Ceramic Materials & Equipment
  • Environment Engineering Materials
  • Precision Instrument, Electro-mechanic & Automation Technology
  • Engineering Design & General Contract
  • Quality Supervision, Test & Certification

Activities Specific to Glass Industry

The Institute of Glass & Specialty Fiberglass of China Building Materials Academy is a prestigious national research organization mainly engaged in research and development of process optimization, secondary processing, engineering, testing and standardizing, etc., for processed glass, quartz glass, fiber glass and special glass. Its business ranges from fundamental theoretical studies to the development of technologies for commercial application in these fields. National Quartz Glass & Safety Glazing Materials Testing Center and National Glass Secondary Processing & Engineering Center are affiliated to the institute (Italian Trade Council, 2011).

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