China Daily-Use Glass Association

Approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in November 1988, China Daily-Use Glass Association is a formally established national society serving the glass packaging containers, household glassware, glass equipments, special glass products, heat preservation glasses, craftwork and crystal glass products, artificial gemstones, glass molds, glass-working machinery, fire-resistant material production segments. The whole association includes more than 500 members and 11 professional associations, Ministry of Technical & Economic Information, and glass equipment standardization center, glass enamel standardization center, quality supervision and testing center of glass equipment, and quality supervision and testing center of glass enamel. Its main functions are:

  • Implementing relevant party and state guidelines and policies; industry investigation, reform and standardization; collection, analysis, and issuance of domestic and international industry information; organizing exhibitions, fairs, lectures, seminars, investment and products promotion; organizing training of personnel, technology, management, laws and regulations, help enterprises improve their business management; carrying out domestic and international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation.
  • Issuing of its own monthly magazine, China Daily Glass Use Information (Italian Trade Council, 2011).

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Business Association




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