CHP Working Group – Global Superior Energy Performance Partnership (GSEP)

The CHP Working Group has been inaugurated under the Global Superior Energy Performance Partnership (GSEP), which is another initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial. The primary purpose of GSEP initiative is to substantially cut global energy consumption by encouraging industries and commercial facilities to practice continuous energy efficiency improvements and by establishing public-private partnerships for certain technologies or specific energy-intensive sectors. There are six working groups under the GSEP (CEM, 2011d):

  • Certification Working Group
  • Power Working Group
  • Steel Working Group
  • Cement Working Group
  • Cool Roofs and Pavements Working Group
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Efficient District Heat and Cooling (DHC) Working Group.

The aim of the Working Group Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Efficient District Heat and Cooling (DHC) is to raise awareness about these techniques to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. CHP technology developments are of particular importance for the pulp and paper industry because it makes extensive use of combined heat and power. The large amount of steam required for the paper and pulp industry makes CHP an attractive option.

The Working Group intends to increase the use of renewable sources for heat and power production and to encourage the adoption of CHP and other efficient technologies. The Working Group strives to accomplish the following goals for CHP (CEM, 2011e):

  • evaluate the national potential of CHP to reduce overall energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • identify market and regulatory barriers to the greater diffusion of CHP and propose policies to overcome these obstacles;
  • provide project-level technical assistance for CHP;
  • organize targeted education and outreach to customers and policymakers to encourage CHP; and
  • develop and disseminate best practices. This also includes using the CHP technology with renewable fuels.

At present, Finland, Sweden and the US, which are among the largest global pulp and paper producers, are participating in the Working Group. Finland is currently leading the Group (CEM, 2011e).

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