Coal-Based HYL Process

Coal-based HYL reactor principle of operation is same as gas based HYL process. Oxide material is fed from top and is reduced by a counter current flow of H2 and CO containing gas. Similar to gas based HYL process, furnace top gas is cooled and cleaned and its CO2 is removed and then recycled into reducing gas circuit. Reducing gas is produced in a coal gasifier that can process practically any kind of carbon bearing material. Coal and Oxygen are injected into gasifier and almost all carbon in the coal is gasified.

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Coal-Based HYL ProcessCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Direct Reduced Iron
Energy Savings Potential

This technology does not require coking coal, coke and natural gas. Production of hot DRI that could be charged to EAF to achieve significant energy savings.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Environmental benefits are comparable to Blast Furnace route.


Low quality and low cost coal is used.

Coal-Based HYL Process Publications

The State–of-the-Art Clean Technologies (SOACT) for Steelmaking Handbook


The State–of-the-Art Clean Technologies (SOACT) for Steelmaking Handbook is developed as part of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate program and seeks to catalog the best available technologies and practices to save energy and reduce environmental impacts in the steel industry. Its purpose is to share information about commercialized or emerging technologies and practices that are currently available to increase energy efficiency and environmental performance. 

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