Coal Stamp Charging Battery

During the stamp charging process the coal is compacted outside the coke oven, into a stable "briquette“ (coal cake) with almost the same dimensions as the oven chamber and the resulting cake is pushed into the oven.  With stamp charging the bulk density of the charge is increased between 30 to 35% (a 45% increase is reported in Veit & D'Lama, 2002) and the productivity of the oven is increased between 10-12% (up to 28% increase in capacity can be obtained (Veit & D'Lama, 2002)).  In addition, the technology allows for using lower quality coking coal and improves the quality of the produced coke. 

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Coal Stamp Charging BatteryCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Coke Making
Energy Savings Potential

This technology conserves coking coal due to use of higher proportion of high volatile & poor coal in the blend. It also increases the yield in the coke plant and may help improve the performance in heat recovery systems.  

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Emissions reduction is unlikely.


Investment and operational costs are reported to be reduced, due to reduced oven compartments and ability to use lower grade coal.  

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