Cold Rolling - Continuous Annealing Furnace

A continuous annealing furnace makes it possible to integrate the conventional batch annealing process (i.e., electrolytic cleaning - annealing - cooling - temper rolling - recoiling) into one line. The use of such a furnace can lead to significant energy saving and productivity. For instance, for a particular continuous annealing furnace in Japan, the annealing time for one roll is approximately 30 minutes, as compared to approximately 10 days for the conventional bath process. The installation of continuous annealing equipment demands relatively high investment costs (US EPA, 2010. p. 30).

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Cold rolled steel

Cold Rolling - Continuous Annealing FurnaceCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Rolling Mills
Energy Savings Potential

In a Japanese plant installation of this system reduced fuel consumption by 33%. >

Considerable differences in fuel consumption exist between different types of cooling equipment used in continuous annealing: the suction cooling roll uses only 14 percent of the power used by a gas jet system.  (US EPA, 2010. p.30)

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

US flag Installation of a facility with a capacity 450,000 t/yhas an estimated cost of $225 million.(US EPA, 2010. p.30)

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