Correcting Damper Problems

Use of dampers is one of the common approaches to flow control in fan systems. Although dampers inherently cause high pressure drop and therefore increase power consumption, they offer various advantages and their use in industry remains common. In systems using dampers, improper installation or operation of dampers may result in sub-optimal system performance. Correcting such damper problems can improve the energy efficiency and overall system performance. Some of the areas requiring attention with regards to correcting damper problems include:

  • Correctly setting the distance between the fan and the inlet damper on the inlet box;
  • Assuring the proper position (open or close) during large fan start-up periods;
  • Poorly constructed dampers causing excessive leakage;
  • Locked in dampers due to low use frequency. (US DOE, 2003)
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Correcting Damper ProblemsCosts & Benefits

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Energy Savings Potential

This measure is estimated to offer following improvement potentials (UNIDO, 2010):
• 5% for low efficiency base cases;
• 3% for medium efficiency bas cases;
• 1% for high efficiency base cases.

Electrical and primary energy savings potential of this technology for different countries is estimated as following (UNIDO, 2010): 

  Final (GWh/y) Primary (TJ/y)
US 1448 15902
Canada 266 3311
EU 963 9055
Thailand 127 1283
Vietnam 58 833
brazil 288 3215


CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Total emission reduction potential, as kt CO2/y for different countries are estimated as (UNIDO, 2010):

US 873
Canada 132
EU 421
Thailand 66
Vietnam 28
brazil 42


Estimated typical capital costs of this measure for different system sizes (S) are:
• US $200  for S < 37 kW;
• US $250 for 37 kW < S < 75 kW;
• US $300 for 75 kW < S < 150 kW;
• US $400 for 150 kW < S < 375 kW;
• US $450 for 375 kW < S < 745 kW; (UNIDO, 2010)

Cost of conserved energy, expressed as US $/MWh-saved, in different countries are estimated as following (UNIDO, 2010):

US 9.5
Canada 9.0
EU 11.6
Thailand 4.2
Vietnam 4.1
brazil 3.7

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