Cyclone Converter Furnace

Cyclone Converter Furnace (CCF) is a joint project of Corus, the Nederlands and Ilva, Italy. The most important part of the project is the development of cyclone reactor. In the cyclone, the iron ore is pre-reduced and melted. The molten mixture falls in to the lower part of the vessel where the reduction is completed. The fuel consists of granular coal which is injected together with oxygen in the lower part of vessel.

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Cyclone Converter FurnaceCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Smelting Reduction
Energy Savings Potential

Coal consumption of this furnace is 700-750 kg/tHM. Energy consumption per tonne steel will be lower. Furthermore, power can be generated from the flue-gases which exit the cyclone at about 1800°C.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Since no coke oven plant, sinter or pellet plant are required, a remarkable reduction of emissions can be achieved.


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