Fixing Leaks and Damaged Seals

Leakage is a common characteristic of most duct systems and can increasingly increase operating costs. Leaks in the fan systems can be due to unintentional openings in the system – e.g. lose or dislocated joints –, due to malfunctioning equipment – e.g. stuck dampers – or due to wear and tear of the seals. Amount of leakage tends to increase with system age and with increased pressure in the system.

Assuring the tightness of system fittings and equipment, such as access doors, dampers, and terminal boxes, and replacing poorly constructed dampers or improper fittings helps to system leakage. Another important factor is the use of sealants that are that are compatible with the service conditions, such as temperature and moisture. Often, the costs of compensating for leakage in an under-performing system far exceed the incremental costs of installing a “tight” system or locating and repairing a system leak.

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Fixing Leaks and Damaged SealsCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Fan Systems
Energy Savings Potential

This measure is estimated to offer following improvement potentials (UNIDO, 2010):
• 5% for low efficiency base cases;
• 3% for medium efficiency bas cases;
• 2% for high efficiency base cases.

Electrical and primary energy savings potential of this technology for different countries is estimated as following (UNIDO, 2010):

  Final (GWh/y) Primary (TJ/y)
US 1367 15002
Canada 251 3123
EU 1022 9598
Thailand 173 1743
Vietnam 79 1132
brazil 317 3536
CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Total emission reduction potential, as kt CO2/y for different countries are estimated as (UNIDO, 2010): 

US 823
Canada 125
EU 445
Thailand 90
Vietnam 39
brazil 46


Estimated typical capital costs of this measure for different system sizes (S) are:
• US $175  for S < 37 kW;
• US $325 for 37 kW < S < 75 kW;
• US $600 for 75 kW < S < 150 kW;
• US $1375 for 150 kW < S < 375 kW;
• US $2650 for 375 kW < S < 745 kW; (UNIDO, 2010)

Cost of conserved energy, expressed as US $/MWh-saved, in different countries are estimated as following (UNIDO, 2010):

US 10.6
Canada 10.4
EU 11.2
Thailand 2.9
Vietnam 2.9
brazil 3.5

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