Heat Recovery from Solvent Regeneration in CO2 Removal

The use of solvents to remove CO2 in the CO2 removal section requires heat for regeneration and reuse. Part of the heat used for regeneration can be directly recycled from the regenerated solution to the regenerator by flashing the solution into a multi-stage vessel and bringing the flashed steam back up to regenerator pressure. This can be done using a portion of the incoming regeneration steam as motive steam for ejectors or the flashed steam can be mechanically recompressed for reuse. Recycling part of the heat from the regenerated solvent reduces the requirement for imported steam for regeneration (A2A Toolkit). 

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Heat Recovery from Solvent Regeneration in CO2 RemovalCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Gas Refining
Energy Savings Potential
CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

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Heat Recovery from Solvent Regeneration in CO2 Removal Tools

Assessment to Action (A2A) Toolkit

Developed by IIP, in collaboration with energy expertsat ICF Marbek, members of the IFA and experts in China, the A2A (Assessment to Action) Toolkit is a free suite of resources on energy management and technology best practices created for ammonia companies. The A2A Toolkit provides a first-order, high-level assessment to identify and prioritize energy efficiency opportunities. It does so by drawing on various assessment modules on technical best practices, management best practices (based on ISO 50001 standard) and productivity improvements.