High Activation Grinding

Compared to ordinary Portland cement (OPC), higher usage of blended cements is restricted by low pozzolanic and/or latent hydraulic activity, resulting in low compressive strength. An improvement on the reactivity of the blended cement constituents, namely the clinker, fly ash, and slag, is introduced through mechanical activation by high-energy milling. The term ‘mechanical activation’ refers to enhanced reactivity of fly ash or blast furnace slag from combined effects of increased surface area and physicochemical changes induced in the bulk and on the surface (e.g. vibratory mill or attrition mill).

The EMC Cement Company has exploited concepts of mechanical activation in commercialized technology which produce Energetically Modified Cement (EMC) cements and pozzolans. The scalable plant began its operation near Jewett, Texas since September, 2004 and will quickly increase in production according to market demand. Its initial production capacity is about 150,000 tons/year. Fly ash is conveyed directly from the power plant to the EMC production facility.

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High Activation GrindingCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Low-Carbon or Carbon-Negative Alternatives to Portland Cement
Energy Savings Potential

For every ton of clinker replaced by fly ash, granulated blast furnace slag, or other additives using mechanical activation grinding, the amount of energy used for the production of one ton of clinker can be avoided which could be in the rage of 3.0 – 5.5 GJ/t clinker in fuel energy and 60 – 100 kWh/t clinker in electricity depending on the technologies used for clinker production and various other factors.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

For every ton of fly ash, granulated blast furnace slag, or other additives using mechanical activation grinding process and fuel related CO2 emissions related to one ton of clinker can be avoided. 


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EMC Cement

This website provides information about the company that produces cementitous materials through mechanical acitivation.