High Efficiency Fans for Preheaters

Older generation, low-efficiency, high energy-consuming pre-heater fans can be replaced with a high efficiency fan resulting in electricity saving.

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clinker, Cement

High Efficiency Fans for PreheatersCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Clinker Making
Energy Savings Potential

0.7 kWh of electricity can be saved for each ton of clinker produced. 

Indian flag In India savings in the range of 0.3-.0.5  kWh/ton clinker are reported depending on generation of existing fan. 

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

CO2 emissions can be reduced by: 

Chinese flag 0.55 kg CO2/t-clinker

indian flag 0.57 kg CO2/t-clinker


Capital costs of US $0.01 per annual ton of clinker capacity are reported. 

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