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High-efficiency Separator/Classifier for Coal Grinding

Separators and classifiers send larger particles so that they can be sent back to mill for further grinding. Separators or classifiers with higher efficiency separate larger particles more accurately and thereby reduce over-grinding and decrease mill energy consumption. By replacing the external separator to ball mills with higher efficiency external separators, energy consumption in the mill can be reduced and mill capacity can be increased.

Indian flag This option has limited applicability in India as ball mils for coal processing is mostly discarded. 

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High-efficiency Separator/Classifier for Coal GrindingCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Fuel Preparation
Energy Savings Potential

1.7 kWh of electricity can be saved per ton of coal processed. 

indian flagIn India, savings between 1.0-1.7 kWh per ton coal have been realised, depending on the fineness of coal.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Chinese flag In China CO2 emissions can be reduced by 1.3 kg per ton of coal processed. 

Indian flag In India CO2 emissions can be reduced byAround 1.4 kg per  ton of coal processed. 


Installation costs are estimated to be US$ 0.01 per ton of clinker produced annually. 

In India, installation costs between US$ 0.2 - 0.4 million have been reported for this option. 

High-efficiency Separator/Classifier for Coal Grinding Publications

Analysis of Energy-Efficiency Opportunities for the Cement Industry in Shandong Province, China

This provides decriptions of options that can be used to improve energy efficiency in modern suspension-preheater and pre-calciner kilns, and provides analysis of the potential to improve the energy efficiency of cement plants in Shandong Province in China. 

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