HIsarna is a technology based on bath-smelting. It combines coal preheating and partial pyrolysis in a reactor, a melting cyclone for ore melting and a smelter vessel for final ore reduction and iron production. It requires significantly less coal usage. Furthermore, it is a flexible process that allows partial substitution of coal by biomass, natural gas or even Hydrogen(H2).

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HisarnaCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Smelting Reduction
Energy Savings Potential

Hisarna technology opens the opportunity of 20% improvement in steel industry energy efficiency.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

20 % reduction of CO2/t-hot rolled coil (HRC) without carbon capture and storage (CCS) is expected. Morevoer, reduction of upto 80% in CO2/t HRC is possible with CCS.


Investment and/or operational costs are not available because the technology is still in research.

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