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Improved Grinding Media for Ball Mills

Improved wear resistant materials can be installed for grinding media, especially in ball mills. Grinding media are usually selected according to the wear characteristics of the material. Increases in the ball charge distribution and surface hardness of grinding media and wear resistant mill linings have shown a potential for reducing wear as well as energy consumption. Improved balls and liners made of high chromium steel is one such material but other materials are also possible. Other improvements include the use of improved liner designs, such as grooved classifying liners.

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Improved Grinding Media for Ball MillsCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Finish Grinding
Energy Savings Potential

This practice can reduce the grinding energy use by 5-10% in some mills, which is equivalent to estimated savings of 3-5 kWh/t cement. 

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

CO2 emissions can be reduced by 0.7 - 1.2 kg/t-cement with this technology. 


Payback times of eight years are estimated, based solely on energy savings. 

Improved Grinding Media for Ball Mills Publications

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