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The International Commission on Glass is a non-profit international Society of national scientific and technical organisations including presently 37 member organisations including universities, scientific institutions, companies and other organisations with special interests in glass science and technology. The ICG aims at the promotion and stimulation of understanding and cooperation between glass experts from various fields. It organizes Technical Committee work, compiles information, shares knowledge in courses and workshops and organizes international meetings (International Congress on Glass, Annual Conferences, etc.).

Within the 2010 Annual Report, the chapter TC13 “Environment” stated as its main concern the achievement of best practices by exchange of information concerning current and developing techniques for reducing the environmental impact of glass during its production, use and disposal. This, for instance, includes comparisons of results of different control techniques and the determination of best practice for measuring of pollutants by means of parallel measurements, material balances and round robin tests.

An action plan for the next 5 to 10 years highlight the benefits for the glass industry from new monitoring and emission control technologies. Important research issues identified in the annual technical committees make reference to furnace modelling of radiation in particular for special glasses, bubbles behaviour in glass melting tanks and modelling of processes in blankets. These modelling activities are partially implemented in the industry and contribute to validate information on processes operation and energy efficiency.

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