ITmk3® Process

ITmk® is similar to FASTMET process and uses the same type of rotary hearth furnace (RHF). The main difference is that in ITmk3®, the pellets are melted in the last zone of the hearth to produce a premium quality pig iron product (iron nuggets) with a slag by-product.

The practical operation of the process proceeds as follows:

  1. Iron ore fines and pulverized coal are agglomerated into composite pellets;
  2. The pellets are charged into a rotary hearth furnace, heated to 1 350–1 450 °C, reduced, melted and separated into iron and slag;
  3. The molten iron is solidified into nuggets in the furnace, discharged after cooling and separated from the slag (Harada et al., 2005. p.96).
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ITmk3® ProcessCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Direct Reduced Iron
Energy Savings Potential

This technology reduces energy consumption by 3 GJ/t-HM and 10 GJ/t-HM as compared to large- and small-scale blast furnaces. No electrictiy is used (Tanaka 2007. p. 10).

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

CO2 reduction of 1 tCO2/t-HM is expected.


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