Medium Pressure Process Condensate Stripper

The process condensate generated in ammonia plants is contaminated with i.e. ammonia, methanol, and CO2, which are stripped with low pressure steam (3 kg/cm2), which is finally vented to the atmosphere. By using medium pressure process steam (38-40 kg/cm2) for stripping, the outlet steam can be fully utilized by mixing it with feed and feeding it to the reformer. As the stripping steam is now utilized, substituting part of the steam previously supplied by auxiliary boilers, energy consumption is reduced. In addition, the quality of the condensate is improved and can be re-utilized (Kar and Rajan, 2007).

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 As of 2007, the medium pressure process condensate stripper is incorporated at design stage in all new ammonia plants based on HTAS technology. Retrofit has been carried out in four old plants based on HTAS technology (Kar and Rajan, 2007).

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