Model Based Closed-Loop Oxygen Control

Many reheating furnaces are operated with unnecessarily high excess air ratios. While also increasing the energy use, high excess air increases scale formation and surface decarburization – thereby resulting in product losses. The model-based, closed-loop Ocontrol system developed by BFI performs continuous combustion gas analysis and deploys a special measuring technique to analyse O2 content near to stock material surface. The excess air ratios are then adjusted to achieve optimum operational conditions. The technology also enables the continuous monitoring of CO content in the flue gases. 

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Model Based Closed-Loop Oxygen ControlCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Rolling Mills
Energy Savings Potential

By reducing the oxygen content by 1.5 % in a heating furnace with a throughput of 450 t/h, energy consumption was reduced by 2.4 %.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

For a 450 t/h capacity furnace, cost savings due to reduced energy consumption were €350 thousand/y.
The technology also reduced scale formation by 20% and this resulted in financial savings of €1.1 million/y. 

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