Motor Decisions Matter (MDM)

Motor Decisions Matter (MDM) is a North-American public-awareness campaign sponsored by a consortium of electric utilities, industry trade associations, and others. MDM and its sponsoring organizations provide support for companies interested in motor management in the following ways:

  • Tools: guides that outline the basic components of effective motor management, and spreadsheets that allow users to complete simple, "back of the envelope" calculations of life cycle cost analysis.
  • Webcasts: users can participate in online informational events that cover the basics of motor management and demonstrate how to use MDM tools.
  • Information: direction to helpful resources about topics such as energy legislation, motor repair, motor selection, and DOE and EPA resources.

Motor Decisions Matter (MDM) Information

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Support Program


United States


Motor Decisions Matter (MDM)Resources

  • Format: PDF Type: Guidelines

    This Motor Planning Kit offers assistance for making more effective and thoughtful decisions that can improve productivity and increase reliability while minimizing downtime, reducing operating costs, and conserving energy.The booklet provides information about the tools and offers templates that can be used to design and implement a motor plan.