New Energy Efficient TMP Process

The TMP process consumes substantial amount of electrical energy. Significant amount of research and development has been focusing on the reduction of electrical energy consumption in the TMP process and these are resulting in promising outcomes. However, with most of these techniques energy saving is achieved at the expense of fibre length and pulp strength loss. There are several new TMP systems with low energy consumption in the market, however, operational data from their practical use is limited. Such system would normally be only installed at new mills or when existing equipment is replaced (BREF, 2010. p. 471).

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New Energy Efficient TMP ProcessCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Mechanical Pulping
Energy Savings Potential

The conventional TMP process consumes electricity in the range 1600 - 3200 kWh/ADt. The new efficient process promises the energy consumption reduction by 200 - 450 kWh/t.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Energy savings must be balanced with investment.

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