Novel Post Combustion Method

Systems consisting of thermal regenerators and laminar-flow burners are being developed step by step for industrial use and tested in industrial facilities.  A system was developed for operation with low-calorific fuel gases such as process gases and biogas. The aim is to achieve optimal furnace operation with low energy demand, variable fuel gas input, a high quality of the charge material, and long life. In several development stages, systems were implemented on reheating furnaces in the steel industry.

Development Status Products
Rolled steel

Novel Post Combustion MethodCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Rolling Mills
Energy Savings Potential

Savings of up to 30% in fuel gas have been achieved relative to recuperative combustion air preheating systems.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Reduction of pollutants because flue gas is utilized.


Further cost reductions are possible due to the use of inexpensive low calorific-value gases such as process and biogas. 

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