Packaging Technology Centre (CETEA)

The Packaging Technology Centre (CETEA) has the objective of improving the competitiveness of Brazilian packaging industry – including glass production – by providing R&D and technical assistance that aim at continual improvement of packaging systems. It offers research and development, technology support and services, such as the certificate of compliance that are currently essential for socio-economic growth of developing countries. The Laboratory of Glass Packaging conducts studies, technical assistance activities, testing and training sets for manufacturers and users of packaging, articles glass food and beverage and household products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, with emphasis on analytical techniques related to the evaluation dimensional physical, chemical and mechanical performance. Furthermore, system evaluation and diagnosis of fracture closure in order to interact and submit suggestions for improvements are also pursued.

The centre is also helping the glass manufacturers to better respond to the growing interests from Brazilian governmental institutions regarding the development and implementation of building energy codes.

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