Post Combustion Optimization in Steelmaking

In the EAF, and the BOF for producing steel, the major off gas is CO. If the CO can be combusted to CO2, and the energy transferred to the metal, this reaction will reduce the energy consumed in the EAF. It will allow for more scrap melting in the BOF which would significantly lower the energy required to produce steel. This reaction is referred to as post combustion. In order to optimize the post combustion process, computational fluid dynamic models (CFD) of the two steelmaking processes were developed.

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Post Combustion Optimization in SteelmakingCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Electric Arc Furnace
Energy Savings Potential

Energy requirement for BOF reduces by 30%. 50 to 100 kWh/tonne of steel electricity reduction in EAF is estimated.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

CO is combusted to produce CO2 and the energy.


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