Reducing Pressure Drop in Connections and FRLs

Any type of obstruction, restriction, or roughness in the system will cause resistance to air flow and cause pressure drop. In the distribution system, the highest pressure drops usually are found at the points- of-use, including undersized or leaking hoses, tubes, disconnects, filters, regulators and lubricators (FRL). In selecting these components their pressure drop characteristics under high–flow rate and high–temperature should be investigated. In selecting filters, their dirt loading characteristics should also be assessed. A malfunctioning regulator or filter may result in the distribution piping system being diagnosed as having excessive pressure drop. The correct diagnosis requires pressure measure- ments at different points in the system to identify the component(s) causing the excess pressure drop.

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Reducing Pressure Drop in Connections and FRLsCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Compressed Air Systems
Energy Savings Potential

This measure is estimated to offer following improvement potentials:
• 20% for low efficiency base cases;
• 15% for medium efficiency base cases;
• 10% for high efficiency base cases.

Electrical and primary energy savings potential of this technology for diffierent countries is estimated as following (UNIDO, 2010): 

  Final (GWh/y) Primary (TJ/y)
US 951 10446
Canada 251 3129
EU 832 7823
Thailand 139 1395
Vietnam 63 891
brazil 214 2388
CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Total emisson reduction potential, as kt CO2/y for different countries are estimated as (UNIDO, 2010):

US 574
Canada 125
EU 363
Thailand 72
Vietnam 31
brazil 25.1


Estimated typical capital costs of this measure for different system sizes (S) are:
• US $  for S < 37 kW;
• US $ for 37 kW < S < 75 kW;
• US $ for 75 kW < S < 150 kW;
• US $ for 150 kW < S < 375 kW;
• US $ for 375 kW < S < 745 kW; (UNIDO, 2010)

Cost of conserved energy, expressed as US $/MWh-saved, in different countries are estimated as following: (UNIDO, 2010)

US 55.7
Canada 57.9
EU 68.5
Thailand 21.6
Vietnam 20.9
brazil 31

Parent Process:
Energy Savings Potential
CO2 Emission Reduction Potential



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