Standing Committee of the European Glass Industries (CPIV)

The Standing Committee of the European Glass Industries (CPIV – Comité Permanent des Industries du Verre Européennes) exists since 1957. Over the years it developed its field of activity within the contacts between the glass industry of the EU Member States and the European Institutions in Brussel.

CPIV is the umbrella association for national associations and the following glass federations:

  • FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation
  • GLASS FOR EUROPE, the European Flat Glass Federation
  • APFE, the European Continuous Filaments Glass Fibres Association
  • ESGA, the European Special Glass Association
  • EDG, the European Domestic Glass Association

Their aim is the coordination, unification and representation of the European glass industry with respect to the European institutions. The counterpart is the advisory function of the sectors and national associations when there are changes in legislation.

In 2003 the CPIV published a spreadsheet to calculate CO2 Emissions from the Production of Glass that would aid as a standard format for calculating/collating CO2 emissions from glass manufacturing facilities. The latest publication is a position paper on Benchmarks and for the glass industry, from January 2010. This position paper covers all types of glass produced in Europe and indicates proposals for benchmarks at sub branch level. For instance the flat glass sector considers that the products that are put on the market cannot be covered by one benchmark scheme: Float glass production can be covered by a benchmark while the rolled glass by the fall-back approach due to its difficulty to establish a fair benchmark for all manufacturers. Furthermore, due to the specific requirements of the industry, the flat glass sector requests that the benchmark be calculated on the basis of the produced (melted) glass rather than the packed glass. A benchmark based on packed glass would introduce a differentiated treatment of the different manufacturers.

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