The Tecnored process produces liquid pig iron and is based upon a low pressure moving bed reduction furnace. The process consists of pelletizing of the iron ore fines with cement and coke fines.  The pellets are dried at 200 °C and fed to the top of the furnace. The internal pressure of furnace is about 3.5 to 5.2 psig.  Below the hot pellet area lump coke is fed into side feeders in the furnace. Hot blast air at about 1550 °C is blown in through tuyeres located in the side of the furnace to provide combustion air for the coke. A small amount of furnace gas is used for pet coke drying and preheating. Cold blast air is blown in at a higher point to promote post combustion of CO in the upper shaft.

The advantages of this process include:

  • Low cost raw materials;
  • Low melting costs using low cost fuels to reduce electric power and electrode cost.
  • High productivity and energy efficiency in the furnace – total furnace residence time is 30 to 40 minutes against 6 to 8 hours in blast furnace;
  • Full metallization (up to 99%) (US DOE, 2003. p. 13-14)
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TecnoredCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Smelting Reduction
Energy Savings Potential

This technology ensures high productivity and energy efficiency in the furnace. Full metalization upto 99% can be achieved.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Capital requirement for steel production with 30% Tecnored hot metal and 70% scrap to the EAF, with and without Co-generation are reported to be $196.5 and $187.7 per ton of liquid steel.

The operational costs of the technology with and without co-generation is reported to be $192.41 and $205.72 per ton of hot steel, respectively (assuming scrap price of $120/t-scrap)(US DOE, 2003).


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