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Use and Optimization of Conveyor Belts

While pneumatic systems and screws can also be used for material transport, conveyor belts offer the most energy efficient option. Energy use of conveyor belts can be further optimized by plant layout design, by re-sizing motors, using high-efficiency motors, and using adjustable speed drives. Using belt conveyors instead of pneumatic systems for material transport also reduces maintenance costs, due to reduced wear and tear (Worrell et al., 2008. p.55)

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Use and Optimization of Conveyor BeltsCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Batch Preparation
Energy Savings Potential

Use of ASDs in conveyor belt systems typically reduce energy consumption by 8 _ 15%, with actual amounts differing from application to application (Worrell et al., 2008. p.54)

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

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